Monday, September 28, 2009

Legos, Legos, Legos

Did you ever play with Legos as a child? I'm sure we all have once or twice. I did--Did you know that Legos were invented in Denmark? My family on my mother's side is Danish; in fact, my mother was born in Denmark.

So speaking of Denmark and Legos, here's a couple of pictures: one of the real harbor and one of a Lego harbor--bet you can't tell which is which...okay, just kidding on that one.

Here's another great feat of imagination and Lego architecture:

For more images of this thing, go here:

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mtnchild said...

Do you have a Legoland anywhere near you? I think you would enjoy seeing Denmark from that perspective.

One blog I follow is Chicken Blog. They live in San Diego and they have one near them. If you go to the blog you can see lots of pictures.