Thursday, April 30, 2009

No School...

Well, the Swine Flu has hit North Texas and our school district has closed *all* schools until at least Monday, May 11.

Needless to say, my son is ecstatic. The next week of no nagging about homework, and all X-Box all day and unplugged. Oy. I imagine his two friends will be hanging out with him and annoying the crap out of his older sisters--one of them in particular.

My younger daughter, on the other hand, is completely upset about the whole thing. She's a senior and does not want the school year to drag on any longer than absolutely necessary, nor does she want her graduation ceremony to be postponed. Her silver lining is that she had a hellacious calculus exam that she now has another week+ to study for.

All I can think about are all these children in my house using electricity and eating food...

1 comment:

mtnchild said...

Are you going on vacation while they are all home? LOL

I'd rather have them eat & use a bit more power than have them sick, but I understand what you are saying!