Friday, October 3, 2008

Soap Box Topic: To be American or Not to Be American

When are Americans, other than white Americans, going to be JUST Americans?

In my personal, humble opinion, if your family has been here two generations or more--and especially if you were born here, then you are an American. Nothing more nothing less.

And I'm certainly not saying you should't be proud of your heritage, but come on...

Case in point: My mother was born in Denmark. Her family moved here when she was nine. I was born here. I am an American. I don't go around telling people "I'm a Danish American." That's ridiculous. And to be honest, I don't think my mother does either, even though she was actually born in Denmark.

So why is it that to be PC, black people are referred to as African Americans? Did they just come over on the boat? Nooo.....
I'm guessing the majority of blacks in this county, their families have probably been here since the Civil War or before. So why do we still refer to them as African Americans? But what if they came to America from England? Will we need to call them British African Americans????

Let's move on to Mexicans. We have a lot of those here in Texas. Why are we calling them Mexican Americans? If they are citizens, and especially if they were born here, they are Americans. If they want to continue to be Mexicans, then I think they need to go back to Mexico.

And before you think I'm racist, I'm not, but I sure do think that if you're a citizen or a guest of this country, you ought to respect it, respect its laws, its flag, and speak its language (and speak it properly, too, if you're a citizen!).

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