Monday, August 4, 2008

We're having a heat wave...

Temps were somewhere around 105 yesterday here in the east Fort Worth area - at least that's what my car's built in thermometer read. They're supposed to be just as hot, if not hotter, again today. Yikes. If we reach 107, as predicted, it'll break a record. But the record temps waited this long to show up, which tells me they will be short lived in duration. The first summer we spent in Texas (2000) was brutal. There were over 100 days of over 100 degree heat that summer. What a welcome!

Onto other more pleasant news, we are finally moving our business out of our garage and into real live office space. We found pretty close to perfect space only four miles from our home, which includes enough space to grow from our six-man team to the twelve-man team we are working towards. It also includes a huge attached warehouse space.

And I'm talking huge, not just height-wise. There is enough space in the warehouse area to hold the following vehicles: our boat, our pop-up trailer, our flat-bed trailer, our large enclosed trailer, our non-running Durango, all *three* company cars, our large pick-up truck, and all four employees' personal vehicles (if we wanted to), with room to spare. Not to mention all ladders, equipment, and tools belonging to the business. Plus we have ample parking in front for walk-in business and actual employee parking.

Finally! I'm very excited to have my home back.


L.A. Mitchell said...

That sounds great, Jen. Now you won't know what to do with all that space :)

K.M. Saint James said...

How awesome -- I mean the building not the heat.

I put out a funny blog with pictures regarding the Texas heat. Honestly, unless you live through this madness, you just can't get it, can you?

I was explaining this to an associate in Buffalo NY yesterday, and I said just picture being trapped in a sauna with the temp set in the red range. That's Texas this summer.

I'm terrified to open my water bill not to mention my electrical bill. Oh, gotta love Texas in the summer.

Happy writing.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Thanks for stopping by, girls.

L.A., the family wants to turn the garage (where the business currently is) into a theater room. I'm thinking it'll be more multi purpose as I'm going to be setting up my sewing machine in a corner. Plus the washer and dryer will still be there...

Sandra, I don't water. But once the business is out of the house, I'm going to see a 50% or better drop in my home electric bill. Of course, the business will gain an electric bill, but that's a-okay with me! It's about time it paid for it own.