Friday, July 18, 2008

Be Aware

I've added a new feature - just to the right, under the About Me - called Community Awareness. I've been reading a book called More Than Words Volume 4. In it are short stories written by five different authors in support of women across North America who are making a difference in their communities and possibly around the globe. Each author's story highlights an organization started by everyday woman who saw a need and filled it. The organizations are listed at the right if you want more info. The book is also listed at the right in the Currently Reading section and it is linked to eHarlequin where it may be purchased with all proceeds being reinvested in the More Than Words Program. For those of you members of NT who may stop by, you'll get (or have gotten) a free copy of this book at the July meeting.

If you have a link to an equally worthy organization, reply to this post and let me know about it.

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