Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Good Time Was Had By All

My writing chapter's 25th anniversary was celebrated yesterday with a fabulous speaker and a lot of fun. Author Linda Castillo, a former member of our chapter, came and spoke to us. It was a festive day. But now it's over and time to look forward to the next major event, while still keeping up with the everyday runnings of the chapter.

I've finished two books in the last week, meeting my reading challenge goal. The first was 'Elvis Takes a Back Seat' by Leanna Ellis, a member of my chapter. It's a wonderful journey book with a teary but happy ending. The other book I read was the Love, Texas Style anthology of which I am a contributing author. I read each story with anticipation, except my own, which I've obviously read just a *few* times. The stories run the gamut from historical to contemporary, inspirational to sensual. Three of the authors are dear and good friends of mine, and I've gotten to know the others better through this shared journey. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every story, reading some of these gal's work for the very first time.

On another front, I've made great progress today, after partying and hanging out with my friends ALL day yesterday, I accomplished way more on my cabinet work today than I hoped to had I not had a meeting at all yesterday. Yay for me.

My only teenager (at the moment) is going to Mexico tomorrow with our church youth group on a mission trip. I've got to be up at 4am to get her to church for a departure time of 5:30am. She's planning on staying up all night so she can sleep on the bus. I however will be going to bed soon so I can actually wake up at 4...

My preteen will be home without his sister all week. The house will be relatively quiet without the bickering that normally goes on between those two when they are around one another for long periods of time.

Well, better get the beds made so we can crawl into them.

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K.M. Saint James said...

Yes, the party was lovely.

How old is your pre-teen? Isn't that odd how they can fight like cats and dogs, and then so intensely miss each other when one is out of the house? My kids are exactly the same way. It is indeed strange when one heads off to college. Just wait and see.

Hey, have you stopped by the Sparkle blog? OMgosh, we have so wigged out into the wierd. But how fun to write completely out of one's normal and comfortable zone.

Happy writing this week.