Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I think I'm a writing schizo. I had grand plans to work on 30K short story to submit to The Wild Rose Press. They've got a call out for them for an anthology/series. Of course, I still have my two full-length books to finish. And then what do I do...? Read the beginning of a teen romance I started awhile back, and got a wild hair to flesh it out to about 24 to 30 pages. The Wild Rose Press has five young adult stories, two full-length books, and three short stories. One at nine pages, one at fifteen pages, and the last at twenty-four pages. That's what led to the idea I could get mine done. Just coming off a short story slated for publication by The Wild Rose Press, I can obviously do it. I've written plenty of fan fiction around that length. I'd love to publish something on my own, though. Not associated with a contest or part of an anthology. Something *I* wrote and that was accepted for publication on it's own merit because it was good enough. Time to get crackin', er... writing.

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