Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I'm listening, and I heard it...

Don't you just love when God talks to you - and you actually hear it and understand what He's saying to you? It's sort of an 'a ha' moment; you actually feel like 'hey, this is cool. God spoke and I heard. I must be doing something right.' Not that I got the answer I was hoping for.

I've been struggling with wanting to speak out and be heard, especially when I'm being insulted. But as Christians we're taught that we're either supposed to turn the other cheek or speak out in love. Well, I have a hard time with that, especially if I'm mad. I'm human. Of course, I want to lash out in anger.

But the bigger issue is I may be the only picture of Christ someone may see - and not necessarily the person I want to lash out at - so I have ask, how would Christ handle this situation? How does he want me to handle it? With kindness and love, mostly.

Of course, Christ got angry. Righteously so. I'm waiting for that day. (grin...)

I've also felt this calling to speak out, to rally other Christians to also speak out - to not be cowed by the those who revile Christ and all the he stands for, but how do you do that when the others don't want to play fair? The inclination is of course to reply in kind... oh, but that's not what Christians do. We turn the other cheek or we speak out in love. Well, look where it's gotten us; especially the turning the other cheek part.

I guess I need to keep waiting for further directions from God as to how to do that.

Okay, God, I'm listening.

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